Does Staples sell stamps?

You are likely to purchase postage stamps at pretty much any Staples Locations very close to your residence. They are available for purchase in single and book form. It is advisable you weigh your envelope to be sure you apply the number of stamps needed to mail your envelope. Below you will find a map of the Staples locations near you that sells postage stamps and books. Nowadays, most people spend time working on the computer or doing paperwork as part of their daily routine. In this kind of lifestyle, there will be times when the paper runs out or the printer ink needs refilling. Fortunately, I can always go to the Staples near me anytime I need supplies.

Staples has been in the business of selling office supplies and equipment for almost 30 years. They also offer business and technology services in stores as well as online. All you have to do is go to the nearest store, order online, or use their mobile app.

Where to buy stamps at Staples near me?

Staples History
Interestingly, the history and expansion of Staples all began with a broken typewriter ribbon. Back in 1985, Tom Stemberg was writing a business proposal during the Fourth of July weekend. Suddenly, his typewriter ribbon broke, but all the local stores were closed for the holidays.

After going from store to store without finding the right typewriter ribbon, Tom realized the need for a supermarket that sells office supplies anytime. Ten months later, on the first day of May, 1986, he opened the first Staples store in Brighton, Massachusetts. This move made office supplies more affordable and accessible to anyone, as there was always a Staples nearby.

Find a Staples Near You – Store Locations

From a single store in 1986, Staples, Inc. is now an American multinational corporation that operates more than 3,000 stores in 26 countries. Aside from the United States, the company has branches in Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Norway, Australia, China, India, and the United Kingdom.

What’s more, Staples has subsidiaries that operate under different names: Staples Canada, Officenet-Staples in Argentina, Mondoffice in Italy, and Staples Office Center in the Netherlands. With so many locations, it is easy to find Staples store anywhere.

Why Buy at Staples

Staples offers a wide variety of products, including office supplies, equipment, and other work-related items. They also provide business and technology services. Furthermore, you can buy in stores or online, through their website as well as their mobile apps.

The company has also established Staples Business Advantage, a division that caters to many enterprises. For them, Staples is the one-stop solution for all their office needs. These clients enjoy the competitive prices, e-commerce options, and customer service that Staples provides.

Moreover, with stores operating throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia — finding a Staples near me is easy both here and abroad. For business executives who are often on the go, this is very convenient, indeed!

Stamps at Staples

Does Staples sell stamps? Yes, absolutely. You can buy stamps at Staples stores nationwide. I usually head to the closest Staples to me and ask the cashier for a book of stamps.

Customers: Staples’ Priority

Staples has come a long way over the years — from a local office supplies store to the multinational corporation it is today. Despite these changes, their main priority is still the same: to provide customers the office products and services they need at the nearest Staples store.

Can you buy postage stamps at your local Staples store?

Answer: Yes, Staples cashiers carry US postage stamps. Once you’re in the store simply ask for a book of stamps. A local Staples near you will usually have these available.