Buy Stamps at a CVS Near Me

One may decide to buy postage stamps at pretty much any CVS Locations very close to the place where you live. They are offered for purchase in single and book form. It is wise you weigh your envelope to make certain you apply the number of stamps required to mail your envelope. When buying medicine, cosmetics, and other items, I often go to the CVS near me. CVS Pharmacy is the biggest pharmacy chain in the country. In fact, Fortune 500 ranks it as the seventh biggest U.S. corporation as of 2016, with the closest competitor ranking only 37th. With more than 9,600 stores all over the country, it is easy to find CVS store and buy what you need. Notably, the company also has the highest total prescription revenue among all the pharmacy chains in the United States.

View map of the CVS locations near you that sells postage stamps and books

History of CVS

The letters CVS stands for “Consumer Value Store,” which was founded in 1963 at Lowell, Massachusetts. Melville Corporation was its original holding company until 1996, when CVS Health, its current parent corporation, was made into its own company.

Today, CVS Pharmacy is a subsidiary of CVS Health, which is an American health care company and retail pharmacy. It was formerly called CVS Corporation, and later, CVS Caremark Corporation. The company’s headquarters are located in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

Aside from CVS Pharmacy, the other subsidiaries of CVS Health are CVS Specialty, CVS Caremark, and MinuteClinic, which is a medical clinic. Since CVS stores are scattered nationwide, I can easily find the closest CVS to me anytime.

CVS Products and Services Near you

Aside from prescription medicine, CVS offers a variety of products. These include cosmetics, beauty products, and over-the-counter medicine. You can also buy greeting cards, food, snacks, and other items at the nearest CVS.

CVS also offers healthcare services. These are available in their Diabetes Care Centers as well as in their 1,100 MinuteClinic medical clinics all over the country. Most of these health centers and clinics can be found in the CVS stores themselves.

Other than food, medicine, and health products, CVS also provides film and photo finishing services. You can buy their products or services in stores or through their website at

Stamps at CVS

Does CVS sell stamps? Yes, of course! You can buy stamps at CVS stores nationwide. All you have to do is ask the CVS cashier for a book of stamps. To be sure, you can also inquire at their customer service desk or send them a message through their website.

Why Buy at CVS?

There are many reasons why I often choose CVS over any other pharmacy. For one thing, it is part of CVS Health, which boasts of the following data and figures:

CVS Pharmacy serves about five million customers all over the country daily.

There are more than 30,000 pharmacists employed by CVS Health.

MinuteClinic and CVS Health have partnered with over 60 major health care providers and health systems all over the U.S.

CVS Health has 35 specialty pharmacies that offer complex drug therapies for those who need them.

CVS Pharmacy is the first pharmacy chain in the country that removed tobacco products and cigarettes from its stores.

Because CVS stores can be found all over the country, I can easily find a CVS near me anywhere I go. Since a CVS store also offers food, various items, and health services, it is a convenient place for buying what I need.

Where to buy stamps at CVS near me?

Please use the CVS store locator below to find your nearest location. It would be best to call ahead and make sure they have them in stock. Note that they only sell books of stamps, not single. You can walk up to any cashier and they will usually have a book or two in their drawer.